About Me

I’m Stephen Antoni, a trader/programmer based in Jakarta. I begin my career in financial industry in 2005 as broker for FOREX and futures, while trading my own funds. I had simple profitable strategies that were employed during 2005-2006 to exploit movement of the news. But after 2007 the news is hardly predictable, thus i had to research alternative systems from then onwards.

My programming skills include; PHPMySQL, Objective C, and C.

During my research i was only trading on demo, while designing and programming websites for a living. My skill-sets finally converge in 2010, that is trading the financial instruments and programming. Thus i begun my career as programmer for automated trading systems, specifically MT4.

A profitable system does not need to be complicated. It can be simple, but requires constant optimization

I have strong conviction that any system imaginable that is logically sound can be programmed and perform tasks as well as it’s human counterpart would. I believe even the most complex system are based on some rules, and therefore programmable. My current pursuit is to excel in next-gen programming platform that utilizes neural network.